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We're Kay and Jennifer! As new moms, we had so many questions about screen time and couldn't find clear answers! It's hard to navigate the minute limits, all of the different shows, and the guilt that comes with screens!  So we took our knowledge as educational therapists and combined it with the latest screen research to bring you our course: ABCs of Screen Time. 

We all want to be confident in raising our children...but that's hard when we live in a digital world that is always changing!

The good news? You no longer have to guess or have guilt when making screen time choices. 

Welcome to Raising Tech-Wise Littles, the first-of-its-kind course to answer ALL your screen time questions. We're here to give you an EASY ACTION PLAN for raising littles in a digital world. It's time to throw out the "bad screens" talk and bring on the whole-child screen approach: one that follows the science, makes sense, and actually works.

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