Jennifer, M.Ed./LMFT (blondie) is an educator and licensed family therapist, specializing in perinatal psychology and the brain’s first imprints in life. She’s worked for 20 years in education in both NYC and CA, providing social-emotional and academic support to students of all ages. She loves watching little minds grow and using holistic methods to champion their possibilities. She holds 3 Masters degrees, has written 4 books, is a wife, Mom of 2 under 3, and outdoor enthusiast. She currently works at a private school in Santa Barbara, but she spends all of her free time in nature.

Kay, M.Ed.-ET/P. (brunette) is an educational therapist who works with neurodiverse learners in early literacy and executive functioning skills. Her career in education began 12 years ago as an elementary school teacher before she founded her own private educational therapy practice, Key Learning, in Santa Barbara, CA. Her passion is fostering kids' curiosity, focus, self-monitoring skills, and time awareness... all of which start from BIRTH! She’s a wife, a twin mom, a dog mom, and a chocolate enthusiast. 

As parents...

We know how stressful it is to navigate all of the shows, apps, and marketing that is sold to you about the best "educational" media for your child. 

As Educational Therapists...

we believe you should have the tools you need to navigate screens, media, and tech with confidence. Rather than guessing about what is best for your child, we believe you can: 

  • Become an expert on how your child's brain works and learns (it's simpler than you think!)
  • Feel clear on your screen time choices 
  • Have a tech-healthy household and raise tech-wise littles
  • Use tech to create greater bonding with your littles (rather than battles)
  • Learn what actually gets your child ahead in life...and start that process now

Ready to make your parenting life easier? 

As professionals, parents often reach out to us for help in the middle school years--after technology has fully gripped their children’s lives. While this may seem far away, it’s just 10 years down the road for new parents... 

And what you do NOW matters most! 

  • We want you to have a household where tech isn’t a battle
  • We want you to raise children who are creative, imaginative citizens (I mean, who doesn't want that?)
  • More free time, less stress time
  • You can have this, and it all starts now!
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