What do you say to your toddler when your phone "dies"?

Oh no the phone died! Littles don’t quite get this concept. Next time this happens, share that the phone fell asleep! Explain that it's taking a nap just like they do! The phone or ipad gets really really tied and needs nap. Let them help you find the charger and talk about how it’s...

4 things to do when your baby keeps finding your phone!

Devices are bright, shiny objects, and adults use them ALL of the time. Naturally, your baby is going to want to play with them!  So when your little one is grabbing for it, they are only doing what is NATURAL; not something wrong. I have 4 baby hands (my twins!) trying to go for my phone...

Is it possible to create a routine around screens?

Instead of thinking of screen time as a right or reward, think of it as a short activity that gets built into your little’s routine--be that a daily routine or a weekly routine!

For example, you may choose to give your toddler one 30 minute TV show after their afternoon snack. That's...

The who, what, where, when, and why of screens!


Confused about where to start when thinking about your little one and screens? Before we (Kay and Jennifer) became educational therapists, we both were teachers who taught writing. And when you tell a story, you need to tell the whole story. A good way to do that is by using the 5 Ws. You...

Can screen time really help my kids? Yes... the secret is.... YOU!

YOU are what makes anything truly educational! That’s right. 

Before age 3, children’s brains need REAL people and REAL-LIFE interaction to truly learn and to make that learning stick. No educational app/show/toy replaces YOU--that’s why you are so golden. You make that app...

3 ways to raise helpful toddlers (and get more done!)

Need to get stuff done around the house? Have your little one help you! It’s totally possible to get things WITH THEM so you have more downtime when they are asleep! It not only give you more time back, it also helps them grow and learn! Here are three reasons why: 


1. As soon...

Why is play so important?

Open-ended play in the real world is your child’s full-time job. It’s the most important work they will ever do. 

It’s the basis of curiosity, problem-solving, hypothesis testing, and scientific investigation…everything from dropping food on the floor (gravity...

What do sun and screens have in common?

Sunshine is wonderful for our littles, but we don’t just send them outside unprotected. The sun is too harsh for their sensitive skin. That's why we give them a hat (and keep putting that hat back on!) That's also why we apply sunscreen! For extended times outside, we tend to find...

Is background TV harmless?

Background TV seems so harmless. After all, no one is watching it, is it even a screen? 

While background TV may seem harmless, it’s actually one of the most studied areas of tech and little brains, and too much background TV is linked to slower language development and lower levels of...