3 ways to raise helpful toddlers (and get more done!)

Need to get stuff done around the house? Have your little one help you! It’s totally possible to get things WITH THEM so you have more downtime when they are asleep! It not only give you more time back, it also helps them grow and learn! Here are three reasons why: 


1. As soon as your little one can move around (crawl, walk, scoot) they will be so excited to follow a broom around! This movement helps them develop their gross motor skills. 


2. Have to do laundry? Babies LOVE playing hide and go seek under towels and toddlers LOVE putting items IN the bin. Yes, it might take a little more time, but you get that free time back later when the task is DONE. Hide and seek during chore time helps build their memory and focus! 


3. Doing dishes? Give your toddler a child-safe plate and towel to pretend to wash while you are washing. Their little brains want to be doing exactly what you're doing at this age! This is also a great opportunity to help with language skills. For example, "we are putting the plate IN the dishwasher!" 


Helping YOU around the house is a big brain booster for your child! You’re actually helping them get ahead! You got this!