Ready for a Digital Detox? Try These 5 Mini Goals.

Digital Detox in 5 Steps

Are you ready to reset your digital life this year? You can with these 5 easy mini-goals.

Whether you are a resolution queen or never set intentions, TODAY is still the perfect day to create the life you DESERVE.

What does that MOST BEAUTIFUL VERSION of this year look like for you? What are you doing? Who are you with? How does your body feel? 


To create that MOST BEAUTIFUL VERSION of our life, we all need the same thing: TIME.

There's only so much time in a day, so we have to take a hard look at our TIME SUCKS.

What things take most of our time? Even if it's a fabulous distraction, is it getting us toward our most beautiful version of ourselves? 

It's no secret that our PHONES are one the top DISTRACTORS of our time.

The average parent is on their smartphone over 3 hours a day... and there’s no judging that—we all have things to do and need time to compress. 

But imagine if you had just ONE more hour in your day free! What could you create? What dream could you dust off?

What workout could you fit in, book could you read, book could you write, project could you build, or glorious nap could you take?

Let THAT be your guide. We aren't talking about unplugging all day.

We are talking about finding ONE GOLDEN HOUR where we're trading our mindless scrolls

for INTENTIONALLY creating what we want. Here are 5 tips on how to do that:

1. Get clear on what you WANT. 

Take a few minutes today to sit down, get quiet, put your feet on the ground, and ask yourself

what do you want to FEEL, SEE, DO, or BE FREE OF this year? Write it down.

Set some personal goals. Knowing what you want to create will make the rest of this much easier.

What does your BODY want? What does your MIND crave? What do your RELATIONSHIPS need?

What does your SOUL crave? Let's get clear so we can get free.

2. Swap background TV for music.

Gentle music is proven to help boost our kids' brain development, as well as your little one’s ability to hear and learn sounds.

Plus, when we are playing music, we are less likely to have background TV on.

Background TV creates more distracted parents and kids who play less independently.

No one is watching background TV anyway, but music can fill the house with joy, dance parties, and calm. Opt for the music. It's a win-win.

3. Wear a WATCH.

Most of us check the time on our phones, which is step one of the mindless scroll. 

If you have a watch that syncs with your phone like an Apple watch, that's a great option for still taking calls when needed, but without the distractions of social media. 

4. Create a TECH CURFEW for the family, both for our kids and ourselves.

Ideally, we want everyone unplugged at least an hour before bedtime. This creates deeper, better sleep for everyone--

and we need rest to have the energy to create what we want. It's SO easy to get into the routine of carrying our phones through our own bedtime routines,

staring at them while we brush our teeth, put on our PJs, and lounge in our beds. Instead, take back that hour for YOU or YOUR PARTNERSHIP.

Make that a time for whatever decompresses you or fills your cup, from reading to conversation to stretching to journaling.

5. Buy an ALARM CLOCK.

The tech curfew will only work if our phones are not our alarms. It's too easy to scroll in bed at night or first thing in the morning

if our phones are within reach. Instead, charge your phone in a different room and invest in an alarm clock.

You can go retro, use Alexa for this, and we love this one by Hatch. Your sleep life will thank you!


Finally, be GENTLE with yourself.

This is not an official tip, but a reminder for us all (myself included) that new habits take time. They take intentionality.

They take muscle. The more we unplug before bed, the more we will CRAVE unplugging before bed.

The more we talk with our partner, the more we desire to reconnect again. Start small. Start tiny. Start with a monthly goal.

Either way, just start.

(Remember, nothing is perfect, particularly in parenting. Even Marie Kondo, the queen of tidying cozy homes, gave up perfect cleaning now that she has three kids.)

In the meantime, cheers to creating the most beautiful version of you this year and in all the days to come.



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