What do you say to your toddler when your phone "dies"?

Oh no the phone died! Littles don’t quite get this concept. Next time this happens, share that the phone fell asleep! Explain that it's taking a nap just like they do! The phone or ipad gets really really tied and needs nap. Let them help you find the charger and talk about how it’s resting and needs to wake up. 

This works for anything tech that “dies”. This helps your little one learn patience and teaches them that technology is not something that can be used anytime they want. Littles are new to life, let alone this whole new world of tech. They need you to show them how to navigate it. If you show them these boundaries and explain to them what's really happening, they can understand it in a much healthier, calmer way. 

So next time that remote isn’t working or that computer battery is low, prep them and share that the technology is taking a break, and that's okay! We ALL need breaks, including you, MAMA!

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