Aren't sure about the best screen time for your littles?

There's SO much contradictory advice out there...

As new moms, we were overwhelmed by all of the screen information. That's why we did all of the research for you and made it into a self-paced course, Raising Tech-Wise Littles. 

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In this free masterclass, you’ll get 3 simple screen swaps that will simplify your life. In 15 minutes, you’ll learn:


  • The BEST type of SCREEN to offer your child

  • The BEST type of CONTENT to show your little

  • 6 easy ways to prevent TECH TANTRUMS


Did you know the average toddler

is on tech over 2 hours a day?

Meanwhile, 90 percent of brain growth happens by age 5… and these early patterns matter.

Let’s give our little ones the best start possible! Let’s help them thrive in this digital world.

Start today by using these 3 SIMPLE SCREEN SWAPS from our masterclass.

There ARE ways to use tech that creates bonding not battles. There ARE ways to make tech truly educational. There ARE ways to get a parenting break WHILE STILL growing your children’s attention, language, and focus. That’s exactly why we are here.

Welcome to tech-wise parenting. We can’t wait to have you in class!

To creating the household you’ve always wanted,

Kay + Jennifer

After this class, you’ll feel:


    More confident around screen time with your family 

     More clarity around how and when to use media  

  Ready to prevent the “one more show” battle


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