We Before Three 

 There is no other time in a child’s cognitive and social development like the first 3 years of life. Before age 3, a child's brain triples in size. It's the peak window for language growth, attachment, and learning those early emotional regulation skills. It's also the most important time to create healthy screen patterns with your littles. Tech needs to be parented, just like every other facet of your littles' life. They need guidance translating the 2D world into 3D. They need help understanding media before we send them off alone using devices... because solo tech use at this age is risky for their growing hearts and brains. That's why we're creating the movement, WE BEFORE THREE.

By signing this pledge, you are taking a radical step of health for your family. You are pledging that, before the age of 3, all tech time is TOGETHER TIME. You are there, talking about their shows with them, explaining how media works to your child. You are ready to meet their eyes when they light up from their favorite characters. You are next to them, ready to cuddle or giggle along. This is the BEST PROTECTION of screen time's negative effects at this age. This is the BEST WAY your children will learn. So join the movement. Take a seat. Take the pledge.

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Your family's health starts HERE & NOW.

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We're Kay and Jennifer! As new moms, we had so many questions about screen time and couldn't find clear answers! It's hard to navigate the minute limits, all of the different shows, and the guilt that comes with screens!  So we took our knowledge as educational therapists and combined it with the latest screen research to bring you our course: ABCs of Screen Time.

We all want to do right by our children... but that's hard with all the contradictory advice. 

The good news? You no longer have to guess or have guilt when making screen time choices. 

Welcome to ABCs of Screen Time, the first-of-its-kind course to answer ALL your screen time questions. We'll give you an EASY ACTION PLAN for starting screens gently, smartly, and with balance: a path that follows the science, makes sense, and actually works.

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