4 things to do when your baby keeps finding your phone!

Devices are bright, shiny objects, and adults use them ALL of the time. Naturally, your baby is going to want to play with them!  So when your little one is grabbing for it, they are only doing what is NATURAL; not something wrong. I have 4 baby hands (my twins!) trying to go for my phone all the time. No matter where I hide it they always find it!


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1.To start Let’s shift your thinking about devices, from phones and computers to tablets or TVs. These are all ADULT devices for adults. This shift in your own thinking will help you teach your little one how YOU use it--how it helps you work and helps you communicate.

2.Set the expectations EARLY that your phone is an “adult tool” (not a play toy). This will teach your child that devices are not bad, they are just not their own toys. 

3.Think about devices like kitchen appliances: they are out all of the time, but they are not for littles to play with. When your child is old enough, YOU will set the boundaries around WHEN and HOW they can use tools in the kitchen.

4.Is your baby 6 months or older? If so, It’s time to start using POSITIVE language around your device. Start early so it becomes normal to use this language as your baby becomes a toddler. If your child is older it's never too late to make this shift! We don’t want them to think of tech as taboo--it will only make the tech all that much more alluring.

Instead of:

"Noo, noo that's mama's phone! Give it back!" OR "No, don't touch that!" 


You found mama's phone! Thank you for finding that for me. That's mama's tool for work. Here is a toy for you to play with!" 

Remember, your phone isn’t bad! Screens aren’t bad! Technology isn’t bad! They just have a time and a place. You'll thank yourself later for setting these boundaries early!