What do sun and screens have in common?

Sunshine is wonderful for our littles, but we don’t just send them outside unprotected. The sun is too harsh for their sensitive skin. That's why we give them a hat (and keep putting that hat back on!) That's also why we apply sunscreen! For extended times outside, we tend to find shade or bring that umbrella to the beach. These are givens.

Try to think about screens in the same way. Screens aren't bad, but our kiddo's hearts and brains are sensitive in the early years. Our littles need their screen SPF on when they use media... and WE, as tech-wise parents, ARE that SPF! We become their SPF when we watch tech WITH them, providing that interaction that screens can’t. That way, when we use tech intentionally with them and teach them how to as well, they won't get screen-burn. So cuddle up and lather up!

Our course gives you simple screen scripts to make media more educational and simple bonding techniques to reverse the negative affects of screens. Intrigued? Click on the course link at the top to find out more.